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Today I went to my regular gym to get my regular routine done. It sounds boring and I agree, exercising is boring. I try to go for hikes with friends to get a bit of a different work out that includes fresh air and socialization.

I used to do everything alone, mostly because I was pressed for time and I was trying to be efficient. After a while that sucked because having a conversation, even a light one can really pick up my spirits.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a loner through and through. But as a stay at home mom, who also freelances from home, it is nice to interact with nice people. I only like nice people. I don’t have time for people who just aren’t polite. Which is funny because not only am I a loner, I am not politically correct and I am a straight shooter. Which means I could also uses some proper social skills. Nice people are pleasant and I really try to copy that. Not always succeeding. I never said I was perfect.

Back to my work out. I always enjoyed a good work out before and after kids. I believe in positive endorphins and have become a bit of a junkie! I will never cancel a class unless there really is no other choice, like a specialist appointment for my kids. This is my time for only me.

Before I begin, I am of average everything. Height, weight…so don’t think I look great or anything like that. I am just like you and my neighbour.

This instructor makes me laugh. She is hard-core. I do cardio and weights at the same time. Usually that sort of thing wouldn’t work for as I have a bad back, but it does. This class allows me to eat ice cream and drink wine without any guilt. I think that is what I like best. I don’t work out to be perfect. I work out to be healthy and live my life with balance and moderation. Am I preaching?

I go to her class because not only because I get a good workout which allows my vices, she also makes me laugh. She is high energy to say the least, so she motivated you to keep going and not give up. Sometimes I work so hard that I am afraid that I might fart by accident. All that balancing and lifting weights can be distracting.

But mostly I feel like my contacts are going to pop out of my eyeballs. That is a funny feeling, because I know that they won’t. Sometimes I get so dizzy (not in a bad way) because of all the steps and routines.  I look in the mirror and there I am along with many other ladies bumping into each other and we all laugh. What else are we going to do? It’s only exercise, not an interview.

All in all, if you don’t exercise, get to it. There isn’t anything better than those endorphins. And if you have kids, exercise is a stress buster. A good workout out allows you to not only feel good but also feel good about yourself.

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