Mother mending an Angels’ broken Wing

Posted by Mattie on Sep 23, 2010 in Womanhood |

Last Christmas, I bought my daughters these wooden hand carved angels. They are angels of courage. I though it would be nice and symbolic to give them a thoughtful gift.

I have gotten tired of buying plastic toys, so I decided to buy them a piece of art. They are locally made of wood and metal. How could I go wrong? Even if they drop them, the angels can’t break.

I was concerned that my kids would treat them like Polly Pockets and eventually break them. I feel that they have to learn sometime that not all presents are going to be toys. Some will have meaning.

One daughter loves pretty things, so she has placed her angle in a special place on a higher shelf so her friends, can see it, but not touch it.

The other daughter likes to keep touching it. You know what that means…She came into my bedroom one morning to tell me that the wings fell off. The angel had a broken wing. I let her keep talking until she finally confessed. The guilt overwhelmed her.

She had twisted that wing so many times, that the metal cracked. I have finally found glue that will attach the wings back onto the angel. Today, I have the time to do it properly, without rushing.

As I am gluing and positioning and holding everything in place, I think to myself. How predictable is this?

I wonder how many times, am I going to mend my childrens’ wings.


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