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Good Morning!

Every morning I creep out of bed. I get my socks and bathrobe on to maintain the body heat I had in bed. Not only do I not like to get out of bed in the morning, I especially don’t like the cold feeling of getting out of my warm bed to take on the cold harsh world of getting my kids to school.

The first thing I do is slowly and quietly go to the kitchen to get coffee. We prep it the night before, so that it is ready when we wake up. I know that isn’t the freshest way to drink morning coffee. But when we look at the pros and con of fresh coffee versus immediate caffeine gratification. Fresh loses.

I am always hopeful that my kids are still asleep. The thought of dealing with anything before I am completely coherent can destroy my day before it even begins. I bet you think that I am exaggerating, but until you see me first thing in the morning without my coffee, you have no idea of the madness that lurks inside of me.

I have this chair in the living room that I go to with my coffee. I sit still and slowly let the caffeine do its job. While sitting there I zone, or maybe we can call it meditating. I reflect upon the day’s agenda and any other thing my mind needs to go over. I call it free time for my head. Thoughts may come and go without any interference from me.

The funny thing is that I sit so still that when my kids come downstairs, they can see me, but they don’t even notice me. I wonder, do they need their “alone time” also?

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