Mothers and Hangovers

Posted by Mattie on Oct 3, 2010 in Womanhood |

I went out last night. I think I had three drinks but I don’t really remember past 3. I suspect that I had more to drink than I ever had. I remember having fun. I remember going to the bathroom and then I remember laying in my bed …what the fuck was I thinking?

Have I lost my mind? When I was younger, much younger having a hangover was funny. Who cared? I lied in bed all day Sunday and then went back to work Monday. So the cycle not only began but also continued. My only responsibility was too myself and so what if I slagged off.

The feeling of my head exploding over and over again is no longer amusing. I bet getting older has slowed my metabolism and not only do I not bounce back, I bet that I have gained 3 pounds.

Then there is that caffeine effect. The more I drink, the more I stay away, just as I want to sleep. So I have I feel everything from my stomach sucking the life out of me, my head exploding all the while I am spinning out of control in space. Sleeping off this madness would be nice, but those days of passing out are over. The punishment of getting older is that you have to be awake during your hangover, no free pass.

Lying in bed all day Sunday is not longer a possibility, as my kids need to come and say good morning at 7 am. And, they want to know what is for breakfast. Breakfast? I think that I am going to throw up!

All day long my kids wonder what is wrong with mummy? Is she sick? Do we have to take her to the hospital? They look very worried.

I don’t make it a habit to get drunk, but sometimes it is fun. Mothers work hard and they need a release. Unfortunately we have little eyes watching us and learning from us, so we have to be presentable most of the time.

I decided to tell my kids that this is what a hangover looks like. Sure everyone likes their wine, but too much will hurt you. And I, like any other person in the world has made a mistake and here I lie with the consequences.

So listen up kids. Have fun with moderation or pay the piper.

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