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Posted by Mattie on Oct 4, 2010 in Womanhood |

Some one asked me why I like blogging. Well, there really isn’t one reason. I like writing. I would have kept a journal except my handwriting is awful and keyboards are awesome. No more calluses on my middle finger.

I think it all started when I couldn’t stop talking to myself and my children got old enough to walk into my bedroom or the bathroom (I like talking to the mirror), and asked who was I talking to? And, as they got older, why was I talking to myself?

I told them that I was just thinking out loud. Sometimes it is easier to think that way, when so many things are going on at once. The truth is that I was starting to boil over and needed to release some of my stress.

Once my talks to myself started to calm me down, it allowed me to laugh at current situations, as well as myself. I realized that I am not alone in this boat. Why not share my experiences so that other mothers don’t feel so alone. And, maybe start to laugh at them selves, as well. None of us get it right all the time. Most of us need to just get through the day without losing our minds.

Survival and humor is the motivation behind this blog. Hopefully you will laugh at the madness that we all go through on a daily basis.

Here we go…a day in the life of a mummy gone mad.

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