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Another Thanksgiving has gone by. It is a nice holiday at a good time of year, setting the stage for Christmas. I use this holiday as a summer wardrobe cut off. By now I need to start putting away that summer mode and dress for the new season.

I grew up in Montreal, so dressing for the season is what we do. I currently live in North Vancouver, which means dressing for a season is optional. But that is mostly the weather’s fault. Enough about fashion.

Since I am first generation Canadian, we never really appreciated Thanksgiving dinner as a family holiday. It was a three-day weekend. A freebee. Coming from a large Greek family we did big dinners for Christmas, New Years, Easter, and on a regular basis. We didn’t need a reason to make us all sit together to eat. We did it as a custom.

Now that I live across the country from where I grew up, I miss that. I am not sure that we would still have those big dinners. Each family has gone its own way. I miss those first generation years.

Now that I have my own family, we still don’t do the big Thanksgiving dinner, except it is not that big. My husband is an immigrant from England so he never had to say thanks to the pilgrims. All in all my kids are in my own childhood boat. I don’t think they missed it when they were younger as they didn’t know the difference.

Once they got into elementary school and the teacher would ask who had turkey this weekend? They would ask me what did we eat for Thanksgiving? My reply would be something like “steak or hamburgers”. Slowly, I figured we needed to get into the Canadian tradition of saying thanks.

Since my mother has moved here, she likes to do a proper Thanksgiving dinner. Except the kids are young and none of us really like leftovers. So my mother and I have decided we will do a whole chicken. The kids won’t know the difference. And, I won’t have to deal with the leftovers.

They funny thing is that when we finished dinner, my husband said to me; “That was good turkey.” I guess it really doesn’t make a difference as long as we all eat together.

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