Mothers and A Fever

Posted by Mattie on Oct 25, 2010 in Motherhood |

Two weeks ago I had a 100-degree fever for 2 days. It threw me for a loop so I haven’t written since then. It took me this long to get back into the blog groove.

When my kids have a fever I have to stop everything that I am doing and take care of their needs. That is the choice I made when I decided to have kids. When my husband has a fever the world comes to an end. Was that a choice that I also made?

Fevers suck! I felt so tired and delirious, trudging through my day. Pick up this kid, drop off that one. Soccer photos and birthday parties, I need to get to bed. Being polite is so hard when I feel sick and tired. But for real this time.

Can’t you tell with my glossy eyes? I am not my usual miserable self. I have an excuse this time.

Mothers don’t really catch a break. We don’t get weekends off, or sick leave. We have to negotiate our day off. I wish I could call my family and leave them a voice mail. I am not coming in today. I will call you when I am feeling better. Don’t call me.

But that will never happen. I rest and I do a chore. I rest and then I do another chore. If I am lucky, I can get out of the bedtime routine and get to bed early. Hopefully I will be contagious and no one will want to be near me!

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