Mothers and Life Insurance

Posted by Mattie on May 2, 2011 in Motherhood |

Today we had to renew our life insurance. It is the sort of thing that most people don’t want to talk about, but pretty much have to do. No one wants to be left out onto the street, right after a loved one has past away. But this is a weird conversation to have. Hey honey, how much am I worth to you? And for how long are you going to feel this way?

Even worse, what happens to our kids if something happens to both of us? This is a hard thing to think about, because none of us want to leave our kids. Sure, we can set it up, that someone we trust can take care of our kids. But, that pill, is very hard for me to swallow. I want to raise my kids. I want to be there for them. I want them to depend on me. I don’t ever want them to feel alone.

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