Parkinson’s Disease

Posted by Mattie on Feb 28, 2013 in Parenting, Womanhood

Today I met a couple that seem to be quite over whelmed with their life. Although, I was busy catering to my own needs, this is the sort of thing that puts my life into perspective.

I walked into the lobby of a building. I see this couple on my way to the elevator.  I hear the woman tell this man, that I assume is her husband. Don’t move, lean against the wall and wait for me. I need to move the car. She was stressed.

I look at the man and said “good morning”. He looked at me but he could not speak. I assumed that he had Parkinson’s disease. I smiled and waited for the elevator. The doors opened and I got on the elevator. He followed me in. I reminded him that he was to wait for his wife, but he had a blank look in his eyes.

I got out of the elevator, so that he would follow me out.  I then waited with him, watching over him, to make sure he did not leave the building. I waited until his wife returned.  I did not want to be nosy so I explained to her what had happened, just in case this was the first time. She was overwhelmed. He did have Parkinson’s.

I was late for my appointment, but that is OK. This couple needed help. I try to teach my children to be aware of their surroundings. Mostly for safety concerns, but sometimes for selfless wisdom.

I then went about my day, not complaining about anything. I am lucky to be healthy.

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