Parkinson’s Disease

Posted by Mattie on Feb 28, 2013 in Parenting, Womanhood

Today I met a couple that seem to be quite over whelmed with their life. Although, I was busy catering to my own needs, this is the sort of thing that puts my life into perspective.

I walked into the lobby of a building. I see this couple on my way to the elevator.  I hear the woman tell this man, that I assume is her husband. Don’t move, lean against the wall and wait for me. I need to move the car. She was stressed.

I look at the man and said “good morning”. He looked at me but he could not speak. I assumed that he had Parkinson’s disease. I smiled and waited for the elevator. The doors opened and I got on the elevator. He followed me in. I reminded him that he was to wait for his wife, but he had a blank look in his eyes.

I got out of the elevator, so that he would follow me out.  I then waited with him, watching over him, to make sure he did not leave the building. I waited until his wife returned.  I did not want to be nosy so I explained to her what had happened, just in case this was the first time. She was overwhelmed. He did have Parkinson’s.

I was late for my appointment, but that is OK. This couple needed help. I try to teach my children to be aware of their surroundings. Mostly for safety concerns, but sometimes for selfless wisdom.

I then went about my day, not complaining about anything. I am lucky to be healthy.


Parents and The Tooth Fairy

Posted by Mattie on Nov 18, 2010 in Parenting

Who invented the Tooth Fairy?

Haven’t parents got enough things to remember? The only thing the Tooth Fairy serves is an opportunity to reduce the whining of kids and their fear of pulling out a tooth. Financial motivation…don’t get me started!

Almost every time the Tooth Fairy needs to pay my kids a visit, she forgets! She is always late, always gives a different amount and always places the money in a different spot! Parents create this longstanding commitment that drives me nuts!

My kids come home and tell me all about the pixie dust that has to be in the water, next to the bed, so that blah, blah, blah…. I can’t live that way.

We tell our kids that the Tooth Fairy does not need a song and dance to come by. Sometimes she is busy and every time she has a budget. To teach my kids to be invested in superficial rituals goes against my grain.

As my parents would say, “consider yourself lucky that you got anything!”


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