Mothers and Home Depot

Posted by Mattie on Oct 15, 2010 in Motherhood

I just got home from Home Depot. I spent almost 2 hours looking for fixtures and matching light bulbs. You can use this for that and that for this. They need to have a special customer service person that deals with mothers and only mothers.

We have so very little time and so many other things to do. As soon as I walk in there, I feel like 100 pounds has just been dumped on my shoulders. I guess I could send my husband, but external light fixtures need a woman’s touch.

Sure the handy man knows what to do or where to go or is afraid to ask. But not me! As soon as I walk into Home Depot, I want someone to take me by the hand to every aisle that I need to be, none other. I don’t mind walking. I don’t need a chariot.

Then, I want to know everything there is to know about the products that I need. Then, I want to leave as fast as I got there. And, I do not want to come back to return merchandise.

Thank goodness my kids are in school now. I used to do my chores with my kids and that was an insane experience. I always brought home the wrong product!

Now, I need an electrician…

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