Mothers and Ice-Skating

Posted by Mattie on Oct 10, 2010 in Womanhood

Today I took my kids ice-skating. Although, it is not my favourite thing to do. I do like to skate with my kids. They huff and puff all the while the skates are being put on. If only they were old enough to tie their own skates. But, I guess once they start tying their own skates, they probably won’t want to skate with me anymore. A Mother never wins.

Skating is a funny sport. Mostly because it isn’t easy the first few times kids try to learn. Since I grew up in Montreal and we skated at park in the winter the way kids play in parks in the summer. I feel kids miss out on a winter activity if they never learn to skate. So we skate, whether they like it or not. And, every once in a while I get a good chuckle every time they wipe out. Only when they are not looking, of course.

But they do like it. Once the actual skating begins. The cool air on their face, the wind in their hair. Except kids wear helmets these days, so they never really feel the wind in their hair. I am all for helmets, but the wind in your hair sure feels nice.

There is so much complaining before and after. I am too tired. Which of my friends is going to be there. They’re too tight. My hands are cold. I am bored. When can we go home? Can I have a treat? Hmmm….

Complaining drives me nuts. I know when I don’t respond they eventually shut up and accept their circumstances. But why, why do we have to go through this ritual over and over again.

When I was a kid, we skated at Beaver Lake, in Montreal. Our toes were frozen, our skates were either too small or too big. Nothing was perfect and we all were so happy to be out having fun. We never complained. My parents would never put up with the crap I put up with.

But then again, my parents never skated with us.  I guess I know deep down that one day, my kids will look back and hopefully appreciate all the friggen time I have spent with them.

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