Mothers and Tolerance

Posted by Mattie on Sep 29, 2010 in Womanhood

The other day I wanted to go to an exercise class and my kids were home. They didn’t want to stay home alone and my mother didn’t want to baby-sit.

So, I decided to take them to the class. The class is actually a gym so there is plenty of room for them to hang out in the back, play their Nintendo games and not bother any one. Let me just explain before I continue that kids are not allowed at classes for liability reasons. My kids are old enough to behave. And that’s is good enough for me.

I decided to get to the class just as it was beginning, just in case my kids were itching to get bored.  As soon as this older lady (probably in her 60’s) saw my unassuming kids she muttered “kids” under her breath as though there is something wrong with them.

I was so surprised that not only was this hag bothered by the sight of my kids, other women came and moved their handbags away from where my kids were sitting. What did they think? That my kids were going to go through their bags like preschoolers or maybe steal from them.

I was floored at what I had witnessed within 5 minutes of arriving at the gym. How does anyone expect children to grow up and respect their elders if their elders treat them disrespectfully? Aren’t we as a society suppose to give people the benefit of doubt before we hang them?

I explained to my kids that they had done nothing wrong and that some people are just not nice. We stayed and my kids enjoyed watching the class. I enjoyed having them there, as they did not bother me or anyone else.

I would have enjoyed my class better if my weight would have accidentally slipped out of my hand and hit that hag on the head! But I guess I need to set an example of tolerance.

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