Mothers and Velcro Shoes

Posted by Mattie on Oct 1, 2010 in Motherhood

The other day I went shopping with my kids to buy new shoes. School has started and they need new running shoes that fit. Buying shoes should be fun for ladies, but these kids are so picky.

After finalizing the agreement of going shopping, which entails cooperation and no candy what so ever, we were off with the understanding that shoes will be bought today.  Now that they are old enough, they should be able to get through a relatively short shopping experience without having to be bribed. Relatively short happens to be in their hands. I will make sure that the shoes fit, they have to agree upon the style.

Here we go…

I am a fan of not many cheap shoes and few good shoes, because they have growing feet and they have growing feet. After taking about 15 – 20 minutes to find a style that they liked, it now became impossible to find shoes for school age children with friggen laces! They have the fancy ones that look like they have laces, but they don’t tie up. There were more shoes (over size 12) with Velcro than with proper tie up laces.

Call me old fashion, but how are kids suppose to learn to tie their own laces if they don’t have any? How are kids supposed to be vibrant, when they can slip on their clothes without any effort like a senior citizen? How are kids going to take care of themselves and feel good about their personal achievements when they don’t know how to tie their shoelaces?

I can’t believe how ridiculously hard it was to find a good pair of shoes with proper laces.

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